Why Your Construction Company Needs Smart Helmets

Gerard/ November 30, 2020/ Travel

This wearable tech could improve your construction team’s safety and efficiency.

  • Wearable gadgets such as smart helmets can benefit a construction company. Smart helmets¬†are Internet of Things technology designed to provide instant feedback on bandar poker online sites.
  • Smart helmets can include health trackers, with features such as heart monitors and emergency alerts.
  • One planning tool that can be built into a smart helmet is augmented reality software. This allows you to add virtual plans directly into real-world settings.

A smart helmet combines the traditional safety structure of a hard hat with cutting-edge technology to create a safer helmet that’s brimming with features to boost productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

Smart technology has never been well suited to jobsite conditions with dust, debris and an array of hazards that quickly destroy many consumer-grade products. You wouldn’t expect your shiny new Apple Watch to fare well at a construction site, would you? But the smart helmet already has superior strength and construction and protects the smart technology housed inside as well as your head. This advanced wearable technology has robust sensors and augmented reality features designed to increase safety and productivity.

What is a smart helmet?

Smart helmets are hard hats made specifically for those who have jobs on construction sites. Construction workers and engineers use the smart helmet for both safety reasons and site planning purposes.

Smart helmets have the same basic appearance as a standard hard hat, but they have built-in technology that includes tracking tools, sensors and augmented reality. The technology can warn workers of dangerous conditions and send alerts to team members if any workers need assistance. A smart helmet can also provide access to site planning tools for engineers. For instance, some helmets allow you to view blueprints directly from the visor or even create images using augmented reality.  

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