Types of E-commerce Business Models

Gerard/ December 31, 2020/ Travel

There are several different e-commerce business models, based on what is being sold and to whom. These are the three most common types agen poker online. Business to consumer: This type of business sells products or services directly to the individual consumer. B2C e-commerce is the most common online business type and covers a broad array of products, from clothing to entertainment. Examples of B2C e-commerce stores include Amazon, Netflix and Overstock. Most established retailers, from Nike to Tommy Bahama, operate this type of e-commerce site.

Business to business: When a business sells products or services to another business online, it is considered B2B e-commerce. These businesses might sell items such as office supplies, furniture and equipment. They also provide online business solutions, such as document-signing software and other cloud-based services.

Marketplaces: Pioneered by eBay but overtaken by Amazon, e-commerce marketplaces are websites where third-party merchants can sell their products or services to consumers. Walmart.com and Etsy are other examples of online marketplaces. For a cut of your sale, you can list your products on their platforms and access their customer bases. Many online marketplaces will handle your payment processing, logistics and even social media marketing for a fee.

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