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Gerard/ December 17, 2020/ Travel

Publishing and sharing content is pointless if no one sees it judi online. You should constantly seek out new followers on LinkedIn. You can post a widget to your LinkedIn page on your website, add your LinkedIn information to your email signature and have staff members promote the company page on their personal accounts. You can also put your LinkedIn information on your business cards.

As with any successful marketing campaign, you need to know who your audience is and what they want to see on LinkedIn. It’s important to publish and share content that benefits your followers, not just content that promotes your company.

“Do not be overly self-promotional,” said Kyra Mancine, social media specialist at Oldcastle. “Only 20% of your posts should be sales-driven. You want to provide content that is helpful, informational and interesting. Think about what you like to see in your feed. No one likes to be sold [to] or see commercials all the time.” Overpromotion is a serious pitfall of social media and could cost you followers and reduce engagement.

Publishing regularly is key for any successful social media account. Mancine suggested setting up a content calendar for your posts, because it’s important to be consistent. An easy way to set up a content calendar is through a social media tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite.

But don’t overdo it, said Eric Fischgrund, founder of FischTank, a marketing and public relations firm. “[Many] companies just start posting away. You’ll see engagement spike initially; then people start tuning you out. Only share things that are impactful.”

Switch up your content, and post a mixture of visuals, videos and regular articles, Mancine said. It’s also helpful to cater your posts to special holidays or the time of year.

“There are so many days that are celebrated on social media now – National Coffee Day, etc.,” she said. “Nine times out of 10, you can come up with a creative way to tie your business into those days.”

For example, if you’re a lawn care company, you’d do well to know that April is Lawn and Garden Month and to schedule posts around that throughout the month.

Use tracking and analytics.The best way to offer relevant content to your audience is to know what they want. By monitoring and tracking past posts, you’ll determine what works and what doesn’t.

LinkedIn’s Company Page analytics allows you to evaluate engagement on your posts, identify trends, understand your follower demographics and learn more about your page traffic.

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